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Early Learning Program

• 17 hardcover books, each designed to develop a specific skill or understanding of a subject for your child
• The series begins with basic reading and numeric skills and progresses to advanced skills like problem-solving and flexible thinking
• Colorful, lively illustrations on every page will attract and hold your child's interest, and help to develop concentration and reading skills
• Interactive 3-D features such as split pages, cutouts, life-n-learn flaps, color wheel, and clock with moving hands, are all designed to make learning fun and understanding easier
• 5 CD-ROMs with over 40 exciting games will reinforce the skills learnt by your child
• Note to Parents at the beginning of each book explains what the book is about, how to make the best of it, and suggests additional activities

Book titles and skills:

Hound Bee! - Imagination
How Many Hippos? - Quantities
The Great ABC Treasure Hunt - Alphabet
Purple Parrots Eating Carrots - Reading
Balderdash the Brilliant - Colors Roberto's Magical Clock - Time
Guess Who? - Animals
Tales for a Stormy Day - Morals
Mr. Boggle's Peculiar Day - Visual Perception

The Secret Forest - Nature
The Search for the Seven Sisters - Geography
The Family Tree - History
A Picture-Perfect World - Wildlife
Voyage of the Micronauts - Human Body
Tanya Tinker and the Gizmo Gang - Exploration
The Three Storytellers of Or - Critical Thinking
The Bumbletown Detectives - Problem Solving


These products have done wonders for my daughter!

"These products have done wonders for my daughter! I bought Anjali the whole TDP and English-Time when she turned two. Today, she is almost five and way ahead of other children in knowledge, reading, writing, math, and English language!" (Ema Hermawati, Indonesia)