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• This program develops a strong foundation in math skills. It takes your child from simple concepts of big and small to equations and multiplication, one step at a time.
• Activity books are filled with fun and interesting exercises to test and reinforce the concepts learned from the books.
• The CD-ROMs combine text, graphics, audio, video and animation to provide hours of fun activities to practice what has been learned.
• Albert and Annie's Maths Kit contains three unique and valuable components: Magic Numbers Board, Annie's Practice Cards, and a Mulitiplication Tile set - all designed for fun, play and practice.
• An achievement chart with star stickers help you to record and reward your child's progress.


10 Hardcover books
10 Activity books
Magic Numbers Board
Annie's Practice Cards (3 packs)
Multiplication Tile Set
Achievement chart with star stickers
User Guide


"We have been reading A Child's First Library of Values to our baby since before he was born!"

When my wife was 8 months pregnant, the doctor told us to start talking to our baby. Since then, we have been reading from A Child's First Library of Values and A Child's First Library of Learning. Our son is now 2-1/2 years old and gets really excited when we read together from these books. We are delighted to see that glow on his face! Walter is so good. It helps him with correct pronunciation and attracts his attention with a variety of sounds. We hope to get the complete Total Development Program soon! (Denzil Almeida, India.)