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"The Total Development Program allows my kids to learn in a fun and effective way!"

The Total Development Program has given me a new direction towards parenting – the interaction between my kid and me has drastically improved! I always play English-Time DVDs at home for my daughter. She picked up so many English phrases such as "How are you?", "Nice to meet you", etc. even at the age of two! She is also a big fan of Walter and enjoys using the Walter pen to learn new words! The Total Development Program not only enlightens parenthood, but also allows my kid to learn in a fun and effective way!
Priyanka Bahri.
India. June 2011

"The Total Development Program is the best educational program for my kids!"

"I love Walter because it attracts my children's attention instantly from the first time I started teaching him how to use it. The dramatization from Walter fosters my children's absorption rate tremendously. They can remember all the information by listening only twice. Their pronunciation has improved too after they record their own voice and correct their mistakes."
Singapore. August 2012

"The Early Learning Program series is worth every cent I paid!"

"The Early Learning Program series is worth every cent! I'm really happy with the series as it has given my child new learning experience with lots of fun. It has also developed my child's reading habit. A big 'thank you' to Pioneer House Learning and ETL Learning"
Priyangi Meemaduma.
Sri Lanka. August 2011

"CFL can really be an addiction for child and parent alike!"

"I like every book of A Child's First Library of Learning and the interactive learning device Walter! Walter helps break the ice and hook the kid. It can really be an addiction for child and parent alike! An interesting anecdote: Our family was discussing 'camouflage' as part of my eldest son's standard curriculum. I was wondering how a brown and black tiger could hide in the grass. My nine-year-old son replied, 'Yeah! It's because animals can only see black and white' and his tone said 'Didn't you know what already, Mama?' My second son, age 4, has been using the books for the past three years. He's hooked to Walter and uses the books to supplement what he learns at school such as means of transport, wild life, hygiene, etc. The list is just endless!"
Aparna Sai Ganesh.
India. July 2012.

"Walter is a useful and efficient tool for my child to learn English!"

"I love Walter because Walter is a useful and efficient tool for my child to learn English! The recording feature of Walter allows him to improve his pronunciation. He can also listen to English songs and poems! I always thought reading is boring, especially for kids! But because of Walter, reading becomes interesting and is a lot of fun!"
Carrie Cheung
Hong Kong. July 2012.